Wednesday, December 31, 2008

iLearningGlobal Goals 2009

What are my iLearningGlobal Goals for 2009?

Simple. I want to watch videos on the system and learn every week.

And every week I want to add someone to my iLearningGlobal Team as well.

I also want to keep working on my various websites about iLearning Global every day.

You can read about iLearningGlobal Marketing Tips or our visit my iLearningGlobal lens to see some of the things we are doing.

In many ways this is harder because of the fact that it takes a while to build up your income. You have to add people to your iLearningGlobal team that are going to work and make it a success. And I am not talking about family and friends. I am talking about building an engine online that will send you leads while you sleep.

We are so serious about that - we built our own Internet Marketing Center for iLearningGlobal Reps that walks them through the process. But it is only available to our iLearningGlobal team for free.

So in 2009, I have big plans for iLearningGlobal and some other things I am working on. But it is not about achieving my goal so much as maintaining my momentum.

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