Monday, December 29, 2008

i Learning Global TV

If you are thinking about joining i Learning Global TV and reselling it, we strongly suggest you go out and do your research first.

Why Research i Learning Global TV?

If you become an independent marketer for i Learning Global TV, you will want to join a team that provides you with the best tools to get the fastest results. Do not go out and believe that you can sell 100's of i Learning Global TV accounts to your family and friends. Instead, you need to find people that have figured out the web method and join their group. They are often giving the information away to their down line.

How to research i Learning Global TV marketing

Here are some google searches I would begin with:
  1. iLearning Global Marketing
  2. iLearning Global Sales
  3. iLearning Global Membership
Google does not lie. The people that are consistently in the top searches in Google are the premier marketers of i Learning Global TV.
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