Saturday, December 27, 2008

iLearningGlobal - Add it to your income

iLearningGlobal - Another Revenue Source

Don't believe the hype. There is no iLearningGlobal scam and it is not the easy answer to riches either.

Look at this article: iLearningGlobal

That is how you approach it. It is another form of revenue for your business and it is also a learning system that will help you be more successful.

Nothing makes me more tired and annoyed than all these people hyping it up. When I joined, it was for the training and the chance to see how I could do at marketing a very high quality product.

The revenue is not from making 2-3 sales. It is from building a great team of people that are trying to also take it seriously. Ideally you have 5 people on your team and they work hard to get 5 people on their team.

It does work. We produce leads daily and sales weekly - but I make no claim to it being the answer to your financial woes or a way to become wealthy. Add iLearningGlobal as a revenue stream to your business and enjoy the wonderful training that you get.

To join our team visit: iLearningGlobal - An independent marketer website and training center.

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