Wednesday, December 31, 2008

iLearningGlobal Goals 2009

What are my iLearningGlobal Goals for 2009?

Simple. I want to watch videos on the system and learn every week.

And every week I want to add someone to my iLearningGlobal Team as well.

I also want to keep working on my various websites about iLearning Global every day.

You can read about iLearningGlobal Marketing Tips or our visit my iLearningGlobal lens to see some of the things we are doing.

In many ways this is harder because of the fact that it takes a while to build up your income. You have to add people to your iLearningGlobal team that are going to work and make it a success. And I am not talking about family and friends. I am talking about building an engine online that will send you leads while you sleep.

We are so serious about that - we built our own Internet Marketing Center for iLearningGlobal Reps that walks them through the process. But it is only available to our iLearningGlobal team for free.

So in 2009, I have big plans for iLearningGlobal and some other things I am working on. But it is not about achieving my goal so much as maintaining my momentum.

Monday, December 29, 2008

iLearning Global - 10 Reasons to Say YES

Go read this article about - 10 Reasons I joined iLearning Global.

When I started writing that article, I thought - I hope I can come up with 10.

When I finished I realized I may have been able to do 20 or even 30.

i Learning Global TV

If you are thinking about joining i Learning Global TV and reselling it, we strongly suggest you go out and do your research first.

Why Research i Learning Global TV?

If you become an independent marketer for i Learning Global TV, you will want to join a team that provides you with the best tools to get the fastest results. Do not go out and believe that you can sell 100's of i Learning Global TV accounts to your family and friends. Instead, you need to find people that have figured out the web method and join their group. They are often giving the information away to their down line.

How to research i Learning Global TV marketing

Here are some google searches I would begin with:
  1. iLearning Global Marketing
  2. iLearning Global Sales
  3. iLearning Global Membership
Google does not lie. The people that are consistently in the top searches in Google are the premier marketers of i Learning Global TV.
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

iLearningGlobal - Add it to your income

iLearningGlobal - Another Revenue Source

Don't believe the hype. There is no iLearningGlobal scam and it is not the easy answer to riches either.

Look at this article: iLearningGlobal

That is how you approach it. It is another form of revenue for your business and it is also a learning system that will help you be more successful.

Nothing makes me more tired and annoyed than all these people hyping it up. When I joined, it was for the training and the chance to see how I could do at marketing a very high quality product.

The revenue is not from making 2-3 sales. It is from building a great team of people that are trying to also take it seriously. Ideally you have 5 people on your team and they work hard to get 5 people on their team.

It does work. We produce leads daily and sales weekly - but I make no claim to it being the answer to your financial woes or a way to become wealthy. Add iLearningGlobal as a revenue stream to your business and enjoy the wonderful training that you get.

To join our team visit: iLearningGlobal - An independent marketer website and training center.

Friday, December 26, 2008 is the public site where you actually can log into the members area and view the videos (watch tv). In the site you will also find things like:
  • eBooks
  • MP3 and other audio
  • Workbooks
  • Faculty list
The videos are in high definition and require the latest version of flash to work best.

If you log into the site and either the video or audio seems choppy, it is because you need the latest update of adobe flash.

One difficult aspect of the site is that is provides no integration with the business side such as the iLearningGlobal back office or the website (Where you can actually join.)

Remember, is just the site for members to use the training materials.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

iLearning Global - Brain Tracy

Here is a video of Brain Tracy talking about i Learning Global

To find out more about iLearning Global visit our iLearning Global Resource site

iLearning Global Marketing Secrets

Here are 10 secrets for marketing iLearning Global

  1. When writing, use variations of the name. i Learning Global, iLearningGlobal and iLearning Global all get different results.
  2. Write about the iLearning Global Faculty - their names get search results.
  3. Use an auto-responder to generate iLearning Global leads.
  4. Write a good iLearning Global Squidoo Lens
  5. Use free blogs as well as your own hosted blog.
  6. Sign up for Twitter and follow people.
  7. Hire a Virtual Assistant to help you promote iLearning Global if you do not have time
  8. Give people bonuses if they sign up for iLearning Global with you. We offer a full iLearning Global Internet Marketing training center for free for our downline.
  9. Create a sense of urgency without being pushy.
  10. Don't sign up people and forget about them - be a leader and help your iLearning Global Team succeed.

iLearning Global Learning

Did you know that a very small group of people actually do continuing education and that most of those people are top earners?

iLearning Global Learning is your best way to continue learning and keep motivated.

Even if you are time poor it works. iLearningGlobal is designed to have many short videos that help you improve and learn something new - and keep you motivated.

If you just wanted to sign up for the training it would be worth it. But it gets even better because it is a real income opportunity that you can build reoccurring income with.

I have been selling things on the web for many years, and while iLearning Global will not make you rich overnight, it is a high quality product that you can promote with pride - and quality products that make you a reoccurring income are important for your success.

I started this blog to write about some of the iLearning Global things I am learning - as well as provide educational things to you about it such as ideas on marketing iLearning Global and how to build a fast, strong income steam with the product.

You might also want to read our iLearning Global Marketing Tips blog.