Monday, January 19, 2009

iLearningGlobal TV

7 Things You Don't Know about iLearningGlobal.TV

  1. iLearningGlobal.TV - The top web team has only been doing it just over two months.
  2. iLearningGlobal.TV has not officially been released yet (March 2009).
  3. Currently there is estimated less than 3,500 Independent Marketers.
  4. Because is new, it is still possible to build websites that rank well.
  5. Every week that passes increases your competition and lowers your chance succeed on the web.
  6. iLearningGlobal is all about the team. You have to join the top team on the web if you want to successfully market on the Internet. (Join here)
  7. Some of the big names in iLearningGlobal are not selling thousands like you may think. It takes a consistant effort, not just sending out an email.

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